Outreach Class, September 2015:

You guys are awesome! Thanks for bringing your fine production to F.M. Day. It was a hit and so very important for these little ones to experience theater.

Shining Stars Program, 2014 Testimonial:
Taken From a Class Evaluation Survey

Q. Did your student(s) enjoy their experience in this class?

A. Absolutely! This was amazing and unlike anything we have ever done. With 5 kids and 3 who are adopted with special needs, life is complicated and we end up spending most of our time at doctor offices. Thank you so much for a program that met the needs of kids with a wide variety of challenges! They each shined and more importantly that each knew and felt that they shined!
The speech/projection practice was unparalleled.

Taken from a Class Evaluation Survey:
Q. Did your student enjoy their experience in this class?
Parent’s Answer: Absolutely! Never seen her so excited and talkative about an activity!
Q. Was it what your child/you expected? Better/worse/just different Why?
Parent’s Answer: Better. When we pulled in day one and saw the sign with the cross- I knew we made the right decision! She met great friends, blossomed in confidence, challenged herself and took on something new. Thank you for all your encouragement and welcoming/inclusive spirit.
Q. How would you rate communication? With the Teacher? With the School?
Parent’s Answer: Excellent! 10/10 on all! From emails, to face-to face contact and throughout the week all communication was excellent.

Our family participated in last year’s Friday morning home school group, which produced plays directed by Cindy Oury and Ebie Panozzo.  All three of our kids are fairly quiet and shy, and none of them had previous drama experience.  Their time proved to be an opportunity which helped them in their communication skills, as well as in their ability to answer the question,s “Where do I fit in to the big picture?  What is my part to play?” Literally and figuratively!  We are grateful for what they have learned through their experience.  We plan on returning for another year, even though the drive is long for us. It is definitely worth the time and financial commitment.

Dear Cindy,
Again, we all enjoyed the show so much.   the part of Queen Bee/Gloria –  let me just say I think your daughter is gifted. You had a great cast all around.  It is such a rare treat to see a show so well done. Take care,
Edith Weiss

Cudos to director, cast and crew for an outstanding production of Once Upon a Leprachaun. My wife, mother-in-law and myself attended the final performance this past Saturday night. The acting was spot on, singing beautiful and the choreography wonderfully energetic.
Thanks again, for a for a delightful evening!

All best wishes and much success in future productions.

Bill Francoeur

You are amazing. What an excellent production! I so enjoyed the play last night, was once again shocked at the quality of what can be pulled together in 2 months! Mostly I am extremely thankful that our child has a safe place to spend time building confidence. Our child struggles with language and learning and a lot of other social type things. This is such an amazing way for our child to be around great, accepting people and be able to work toward an end result in something that is fun and rewarding. My husband and I are eternally grateful. Thank you for your hard work!!!

Greetings Cindy,
It has been such a pleasure to attend a few of Colorado Acts shows this year! Also, have to share that we feel like Sarah and Hannah’s experience with CCU, Music Man, and Miss Erin was such a great experience, and we wished to say thank you for opening your facility for kids to practice for such things:)  Just yesterday Sarah was singing Music Man songs, and before I knew it , I was humming along, and so was Hannah. Catchy tunes indeed–it was like that for Seussical, too.

Drenea S

My child(ren) have always been very outgoing, but Colorado ACTS has made them more confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

Colorado ACTS has boosted the social confidence of all of my children, as well as providing a safe, healthy place to explore their creativity, and communication skills.  All three of my teens are now competent communicators and comfortable speaking in front of groups of peers as well as adults.  Thank you CoACTS!

My child has grown in all areas and we feel fortunate to have Colorado ACTS in our lives.  It allows for students to develop skills, strengthen talents and develop new ones.  It is affordable and from the communities perspective produces shows that are quality and affordable for families.  Thanks!