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Welcome to the COLORADO ACTS online registration page. This process comes in three parts. The first part, the behavioral expectations, are listed below. If you agree to the guidelines and expectations, click on the I agree button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the second part of the registration process, signing up for classes. Please complete this section for each child that you are registering.

The third part of the registration process comes in the form of a
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Class Guidelines & Behavior Expectations

We are very pleased that you will be joining the Actor’s Company and Theatre School. Our Behavior Expectations and Class Guidelines follow. Be sure to sign at the end of the form that you have read with your child and understand all the guidelines outlined here. Thank you for your cooperation- we look forward to the opportunity to work with your child!


Be on time. Rehearsal is vital to the success of a show and tardiness costs the entire class.


  • Always bring your script and a pencil to rehearsal.
  • Wear clothes appropriate for rehearsal.


  • Memorize your lines/music. A general rule of theater is that once a scene is blocked, your lines should be memorized at the next rehearsal.
  • Memorize your cues. These are the lines or actions that come right before your lines.
  • Memorize your blocking and choreography. You need to know where and when and how you move on stage.
  • Work on characterization and physicality. Think about how your character might walk and talk. Practice different voices and movement at home so it will be more comfortable and effortless during rehearsal.
  • Please be aware of the commitment each class entails before enrolling.

We understand that students have many priorities in their lives and

that these theatre classes rank below obligations such as reading,

writing and arithmetic! We attempt to keep our expectations in check.
However, a small amount of time spent on homework in a number of our workshops (usually memorization) is required. Theatre is a community activity. One student’s failure to come adequately prepared costs fellow students.


Inappropriate behavior may result in dismissal from class (without reimbursement).We expect all actors to be on their best behavior at all times.  Theatre requires discipline, respect and focus.  If anyone’s behavior becomes unmanageable a parent conference is scheduled.  If such behavior continues the actor may be dismissed.

1. Respect for oneself, others, class work and facilities are demanded from everyone involved in the program. This includes, but is not limited to:

a.) foul or hurtful language.
b) careless destruction or misuse of property.
c) smoking.

2. Students must remain on campus at all times.

3. No gum, ever. It impedes vocal production when singing and speaking and is all but impossible to clean up when left in the theatre.


1. Students are expected to come to every class unless:
a) he or she has a contagious illness.
b) he or she was excused ahead of time due to a prior commitment.
c) there is a family emergency.
d) the class itself is canceled.
2. If you do have to miss class,  call your teacher (s) in advance so they can be properly prepared.

3. More than two excused absences could result in reassignment of roles in a performance class.

4. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES could result in DISMISSAL from the class.

5. Everyone must attend FINAL REHEARSALS and PERFORMANCES.

1. Depending on the length of the class, a break may be given during
the duration of class. Students may have snacks at break time.
a) Snacks may be brought from home.
b) Students are encouraged to bring water.
c) Each student is expected to clean up after himself or herself!

2. Sometimes special snack, lunch and dinner arrangements are necessary for performance classes. Please keep a look out for PARENT UPDATES in regard to such arrangements.

3. Again, students must stay on campus during breaks.

1. Pick-up is immediately after class ends. It is difficult for our
staff to be responsible for children left at the facility more than 10
minutes after a class ends. Many times we have commitments elsewhere.

We do, however, understand that emergencies occur such as a stalled car or lost keys. During such times, please call the director(s).

Except for “audition only classes” all performance classes audition
on the first day of class. Roles are then assigned
and rehearsals begin. Unless you are notified differently, there is no
preparation necessary for the initial auditions. Unless a class is
billed as “audition only” all students enrolled in the class are
guaranteed a part in the play.

The process of casting a child or a young adult in a play is a delicate and difficult one. While the objective of classes at ACTS is to use all
students as equally as we can, the unique demands of the theatre
sometimes make this impossible. It is our expectation that all children leave
the performance experience with a positive feeling. It is also our expectation
that children who might be initially disappointed with their casting
will still be engaged by the collaborative effort that it takes to put
on a play.


Following the final performance the theater needs to put returned to it’s neutral state. The set comes down, costumes and props are put away, and the theater is cleaned.  Actors will be required to stay and help with the strike process. Holding true to theatre tradition, all cast, crew are required to participate in strike.  Families are welcome to assist.  MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!

For most shows, fund-raising is necessary. Families may be asked to
participate in fund-raising activities tied to their child’s production class. Fundraising such as (but not limited to) soliciting advertisements for the program,
participating in commercial fund-raising ventures and/ or helping to advertise for the show is typical.  Please know that although we understand that no
one likes to fund-raise, it is a necessity at times in today’s economy
and can give students a real sense of ownership of their production.


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