Colorado ACTS want parents to be able to reasonably attend all of their students’ performances. In order to make this possible we have created the following policy:

  • Each parent must pay for one full-priced performance (reduced price and preview performances do not count) and then they may attend all additional performances at no charge.
  • Siblings and all other family members must pay for every performance attended.
  • SIBLING DISCOUNT: After paying full price for one performance, brothers and sisters of actors in the show will receive a $1 discount on every additional performance attended.
  • All Dinner theater performances must be paid in full for every performance attended.
  • Non-paying parents will be asked to wait in the lobby until 5 minutes before the show starts in order to allow paying audience members to be seated first.
  • In the event of a sold out show, non-paying parents will be asked to give up their seats to make room for paying audience members.
  • All seating is on a first come first served basis. We ask that parents, friends, family arriving early DO NOT SAVE SEATS for late arriving audience members.
  • We will provide special seating for disabled and elderly audience members. Please let Lisa Wiersma, Tickets and Concessions coordinator know of special needs 24 hours before the performance if possible.
  • All audience members are asked to respect the instructions of box office workers.

Direct any questions or concerns to:
Colorado ACTS office (coloradoacts@yahoo.com) for more information.

Sibling Discount Policy (effective 8/1/12)

Colorado ACTS would like to put in to place an Updated Sibling Discount Policy. Beginning with the Fall 2012 Semester of classes, Colorado ACTS will offer a Sibling Discount of 10% on classes with a tuition price over $100.00. Any class below $100.00 will not be eligible for the discount. The Sibling Discount will still work as follows: The first child in the family will pay the full tuition price for their class. The second, third, etc. child will receive a 10% discount on their class. Both classes must be $100.00 or more in price.

There is no application for this discount. If your family has 2 or more children enrolled in classes that are over $100.00, the discount will be automatically applied to your account.

Please contact Colorado ACTS via email (coloradoacts@yahoo.com) with questions.

Class Refund Policy (effective 1/1/13 - updated 9/27/15)

1. Students may attend the first session of a class free of charge.
2. Registration and payment (or signed Payment Plan Agreement) is required by the second session of the class.
3. No refunds will be given for students who drop out of class after the fourth session. If the full balance of tuition has not been paid before this time, the family will still be billed until the amount is paid in full.
4. If a student drops out of the class during the 2nd or 3rd session of class, the family will be charged a pro-rated fee for the classes attended ($5.00 per contact hour).

When a student enrolls in a Colorado ACTS class we consider this a very important commitment for the student and his/her family. This responsibility should not be taken lightly. The action of one student directly impacts the entire class. Because we are committed to providing the highest quality children’s theater education we ask that this new Class Refund Policy be effective immediately and followed by all. Colorado ACTS is sensitive to each individual student and his/her family and the Colorado ACTS Board will always evaluate each situation and refund request as it arises. When students and their families are making the decision to enroll in a Colorado ACTS class, please consider all other commitments and responsibilities before Registering. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in this matter and the consideration of all others involved.

Colorado ACTS Scholarship/ Work Study Program Outline and Guidelines (effective 7/1/13)

Applying for a Scholarship: A student in need of a scholarship for a class must fill out a Scholarship Application. When registering for a class, please indicate that there is a need and a Scholarship Application will be emailed to you.  The application should then be filled out by the family and returned to the Colorado ACTS office via email as soon as possible. Scholarships are available for those families who could truly not participate in a class without the aid of scholarship funds.

How Scholarships are Determined: Colorado ACTS will always attempt to provide as much scholarship funds to as many families as possible. Because we are a small, non-profit organization we do not have a large scholarship fund to draw from. Scholarship amounts are based on the class size, tuition cost, production cost and other factors. Scholarship amounts cannot be determined until the class has begunFamilies will not be notified of their scholarships awards until the class has started. This means that families applying for a scholarship will not be required to pay their tuition in full on the 1st day of class. However, it is very rare that a full scholarship will ever be available, so families may pay a portion of their tuition the 1st day and wait to find out their scholarship amount.

Scholarships will generally be 1/3 of the tuition cost or less.

Work Study Expectations: Colorado ACTS would like to remind you that we give scholarships with the expectation that the family or student(s) will also contribute some time and effort into the class or production as “work study”. This may come in the form of painting, set construction, backstage help, concessions or box office help, cleaning or any other tasks that may require a volunteer during the course of the show/class. These work study tasks will be assigned by the director where there is a need. It is possible that a need may not arise and in this case you will not be required to help with something specifically, but any and all volunteer work is always appreciated by the school. It would be impossible for us to function and provide the services we do without the help of volunteers. We will never ask that a student or family complete or help with a task that they are not comfortable or capable of doing, but please be aware that your help may be called upon at some time during your class/production.

SCRIP Program: We encourage families to participate in our SCRIP program to earn extra funds towards their ACTS classes. Please visit our SCRIP information page for more on this program.