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Opportunity to Volunteer:
For my EAGLE PROJECT I am painting the wrought iron fence at the Golden Cemetery! It is more than a half mile and if there is only a small group, then it will take all day, but the more there is the easier it will be. I am planning to do this on July 22 starting at 8:00 a.m.  July 22 is a Saturday so I understand that some work schedules won't allow for that to happen, so I highly encourage everyone to take it off, or help me in other ways. I am asking and taking donations of any kind. I do need to make sure there is enough paint, 35 gallons of it, and a way to paint the fence, painter gloves and paint brushes. Money donations are preferred specifically for any supplies that does not get donated by companies and such, and any leftover donations will go straight to the cemetery for future projects. Anyone is invited even if they don't know me, or if anyone wants to bring other friends, I don't care. I need people there. The more that comes, the easier it will be to do!

Tyler Despain
720 316 3106