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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: The Actors Company and Theater School (Colorado ACTS), founded and operated by Christians, offers theater classes to children four years to eighteen (seniors in high school). The school’s mission is to bring quality children’s drama education to the local community. At Colorado ACTS, the faculty and staff strive to create a “safe” place where students cultivate imagination, self-expression, and teamwork. Discipline, self-confidence, and belonging to a community are a few of the many benefits of theater education.

Actor’s Company and Theater School is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) arts corporation and is open to all applicants regardless of race, sex, religion, or physical handicap. Tax deductible donations are needed and welcomed.

Colorado ACTS was founded by Leah Nixon, Marianne Henning and Cindy Troup. It is in its’ second decade of business in Denver, founded in 1995 at Colorado Christian University as the Ensemble Theatre Company’s Children’s Theatre program.

ACTS is completely staffed by Christians, producing mainstream shows. There are about 200 families involved with classes for children 4-18 years old. The summer Family & Friends Productions and year round Community shows include our faculty, alumni and adult family members. We offer classes year round and produce between 10-12 full shows a year.

Our productions have ranged from big musicals such as Annie and Fiddler on the Roof to productions from local children’s playwrights like Blarney, Blather and Balderdash (by Patrick Dorn from Pioneer Drama) or The King’s New Clothes (by Edith Weiss from Eldridge Pub.) All productions are paid for from tuition, ticket sales and private donations. Students and Parents are not required to furnish costumes or help with technical aspects of a production (although our families often participate fully).

We are unusual because production classes meet for 2-3 hours only once a week for 2-6 months (depending on the type of class). Normally students audition for parts within a classroom setting, BUT ALL STUDENT IN A CLASS ARE GUARANTEED A PART.

Approximately 60% of our students are home schooled and half of our classes meet during the day. Since our inception over 15 years ago Colorado ACTS has produced more than 100 shows. We are proud of the quality of theatre education that our students receive and the quality of the entertainment that our audiences enjoy.

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  • We have not raised our prices recently; in many cases they have been lowered.
  • Payment in full is expected at the beginning of each class.
  • If you are unable to pay in full at the beginning of a class, we are willing to work with you on a payment plan. We understand everyone experiences hardships. We don’t want that to hold your child back from classes.
  • Payment in full should be received by the time the class performs.
  • Fundraising is expected by each class, but is not mandatory.
  • SCRIP Program earnings are applied to individual student accounts.
  • Limited scholarships available.