A Letter from the Board of Directors at Colorado ACTS

Dear ACTS family,

We hope this letter finds you experiencing much joyful hope as you engage in the busyness of preparing for Christmas.  The Board of Directors at Colorado ACTS wishes to thank all of you for being part of our ACTS family.

Colorado ACTS has grown from a very small group of families 21 years ago, to over 200 families today.  Over the years, our little nonprofit has managed periods of rapid growth fairly well, but there is always room for improvement.   Our new office managers, Monica Mayhak and Leah Nixon, have been very busy doing just that.

Over the past few months, efforts have begun to update our systems, especially regarding invoices for tuition, and procedures for registration.   The Board is keenly aware that for some time, our accounts have been less than ideal, which has caused frustration for many of our families.  For that we are truly sorry.  Monica Mayhak has been working very hard to put in place an invoice system that will improve accountability for the theatre school and our families.  Your patience, and active communication with us is greatly appreciated during this time of transition.

As we implement new systems, the Board has voted to take an unusual action regarding debts owed to Colorado ACTS.  Outstanding debts that accrued prior to January of 2017 have been discharged.  That’s right, we are wiping the slate clean on any debts accrued with us before January 2017.  Our intent is to move forward providing you, our customers, with regular, clear communications regarding your financial status with Colorado ACTS.   We hope that those who benefit from this action will consider making donations to Colorado ACTS in return.

You should be receiving invoices for any amounts owed in 2017.  Any questions regarding current invoices should be directed to Monica Mayhak.  Monica will keep you informed about your 2017 balance.   Check your inbox regularly for communication from Monica.  Also, please help us keep both student and parent contact information up to date, and let us know if you have a change of address or email.

Colorado ACTS will continue to provide scholarships and payment plans when requested.  Our mission to make theatre experience affordable includes working with our families to make appropriate financial arrangements.  We aim to provide open and timely communication regarding your financial accounts with Colorado ACTS.  We look forward to serving you in 2018 with quality classes and performances.  Thank you again for joining the ACTS family.

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas,

Colorado ACTS Board of Directors, December 2017
Cindy Oury, President
Kathy Holden, President-Elect